eNable!  Program & Tax Updates

All updates are cumulative so if you miss one it will be included in the next update.

eNable! Update Release 2.7R0a2  11/11/2020

Jet Database Version  -  Corporate, Professional, and Special Editions
SQL Server Version     -  Enterprise Edition - SQL Server Version
Oracle Version               -  Enterprise Edition - Oracle Version

Download this program update and execute the setup program.  This program will search for your eNable! program and update it in place.  Be sure to back up your database before running the system update.  Make sure that eNable! is not  running during the update process.  There are several new features and fixes of technical operations.  

This update resolves the following open Service Requests and Enhancements:

   Technical enhancements for Windows 10 thru Windows Server 2019
   Document Add screen updated to identify states that adopted Economic Nexus laws
   SQL Server - Incorporated new Microsoft data access provider,with added TLS 1.2 compatibility

eNable! Tax Database Update   10/16/2020 
This is the latest Tax Information Table.  Click on the link here and download SetupTaxDB.exe.  Execute this in a temporary location and copy EnableTax.mdb to your eNable database directory. 
This update gives you the latest forms and number formats for Sales Tax Certificates in all the States. 

Added identification for states that have Economic Nexus legislation in effect.
  (ref: Supreme Court decision South Dakota v. Wayfair). 
  Added Economic Nexus identification for Alaska Remote Seller legislation.